Zenith BDR-G14

Backup and Disaster Recovery: REBOOTED

Backup and Disaster Recovery: REBOOTED

DRaaS, Powered by Zenith BDR-G14

Keeping your clients’ IT infrastructure operational is the lifeblood of your businesses. Every minute your clients can’t access their systems and data, they’re losing money...and so are you. They expect you to get them back online quickly. From a tornado or server meltdown to burst pipes or accident deletion, data loss can happen at any time for any reason. Are you prepared?

Zenith Infotech’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) provides a framework for meeting your clients’ business continuity needs. It is easy to deploy and manage, and provides a solution that fits their budget while maintaining high profitability for you. DRaaS provides a comprehensive hardware/software solution that offers complete data protection, powered by Zenith’s BDR-G14.

Zenith DRaaS includes on-site BDR-G14 appliances for your clients. You can then opt to replicate them to an offsite BDR-G14 Vault in our state-of-the-art datacenter. Multiple local DRaaS appliances can replicate to each vault, which includes up to 10 TB storage for one low cost. We’ve done away with per-GB pricing for cloud storage to lower your costs.

Zenith’s DRaaS provides

  • Consultation on your sizing and budget requirements
  • Choice of onsite appliances tailored to your needs
  • Offsite replication with expandable storage. Local appliances replicate to a Vault, with no per-GB pricing. Need more than 10 TB? Get another Vault!
  • Local or remote backup, recovery, emergency virtualization and server restoration
  • Ongoing support from deployment to recovery
  • Low monthly pricing to avoid large upfront investments
  • Flexible solution that can change with your business

BDR-G14 Feature Set

  • Protect Windows® servers, thru Server 2012
  • Automated block-level backups every 15 minutes
  • Onsite storage capacity of 2, 3, 4 or 9 TB
  • Secure offsite storage
  • Offsite replication for onsite G14s, up to 10 TB per Vault
  • Easy image-based file or folder restores
  • Remote and local failover server virtualization
  • Live Bare Metal Restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Software, server and disaster testing
  • 256-bit AES encryption at rest and in transit
  • Centralized reporting and alerting

Let DRaaS be your partner so your business can soar.